Place Cards/Name Tags

Place Cards - All shapes and sizes

As hosts, it is your responsibility to ENSURE your guests know where they are to be seated. Along with other options, place cards are still a popular choice.

Below is shown the variety of place card options available - from standard tents to tags and other ideas. All options are available plain, in all shapes and colours available, but as with all of our other stationery not available off the shelf. Again, because we can do so much with everything, we cannot anticipate every option. If you have any ideas that you need help with please feel free to contact.

Full personalising service is available.

Large Square Place card

A card for all occasions. 100 x 62mm in size giving enough area to scribe the guests names in a readable size but not too big to intrude on other decorations on the table.

Front view - personalised

Side view

Back view - static message

Blind embossed border

Jigsaw pattern and personalised

with Charlene heart and dotted line

Foil stamped border - any colour

Foiled doves and blind embossed barrells

Foil stamped motifs

Large Sqaure Tab Place Card

Measures 100 x 85 including the tab.

Tab Style with blind embossed heart

Cute couple - personalised

Foiled initials

with rose to match M2O-42

Other shapes available

Bow Style Printed

Heart - Debossed / Foil Stamped / Blind Embossed

Scroll style

Deckled Edge

Tapa behind cut out panel

Notched Edge

For Cross Stitch Brides

½ circle


Shown below are tag shapes available for use. As with most of Hayfords products, they are made as you order. We do have some on hand but because we like to offer you what you want, not what we have, they are not mass produced and sitting on the shelves waiting for you.

Standard Heart Tag (50)

65 mm heart

110mm heart

80mm heart - foil stamped

95mm heart place card


Cut to size



Bow Tie

Small Round

Small Oval


Small Luggage

Standard Luggage

Stylized Kiwi

Wine glass Tag

Back of Menu

Luggage tag around serviette

Serviette Wraps

Tag in Shell

Favour Boxes

Front cover of folded menu

Chopstick Wrapper

Tag on wishbone