Acceptances and Thank You Cards


The debate continues

Yes, well all know a letter of acceptance should be written, but reality is, it wont. A telephone response could go in several different directions and never make it make back to the master guest list. You would think that with all the latest technology, responding to a wedding invitation would be simple and yet more and more we are hearing brides complain about having to chase up guests to respond. Your guest is now presented with so many options to respond that they are now indicisive as to which method to use.

Why not just make the decision for them and include a response card in with the invitation. All returned back to the one place and confirmed. Hayfords have a range of styles to suit, including a generic acceptance that has become very popular.

Acceptance - Generic

Convenient, cost effective and yet still projecting a professional approach to the subject, these acceptances come in the following combinations

White/gold ink White/silver grey ink White/black ink White envelope
Ivory/gold ink Ivory/silver grey ink Ivory envelope

Available in packets of 25 They are value at $13.75 per packet. ($0.55c each)

Acceptance - Envelope Style

We have been using this style for a while now and it is proving yet another popular option.

Made in the same card as the rest of the wedding stationery, including graphics from the invitation and the return address printed on the reverse. If you want, you can even place postage stamps for local guests on, leaving them just to complete, fold up and post.

Quite secure in the mail, we have had no complaints with this design at all.

Acceptance - Small card style

.Available with or without overlay or backing, this acceptance is made up in card and papers to match the rest of your stationery.

Comes with a small 85 x 110mm white or ivory envelope.

Size traditionally is as above but can be whatever size you want. Remember it will have to fit within the invitation envelope and there are not a great range of small standard envelopes about. We have a range of envelope sizes that we make, so if you are wanting a different size to the above - refer to our envelope page and we can make the acceptance to fit any of these envelopes.

Acceptance - Post Card Style

Just the thing for some designs.

Some of the more modern designs just lend themselves to this style of acceptance. Printed with the return address on the reverse, a stamp can be added and your guests just have to complete and pop in to the nearest letterbox or the mail basket at work.

No problems with messy handwritten addresses that may not reach you

Acceptance - DLE size

Enter text here

Along the same lines as the post card acceptance above but for use within designs such as our M2O-99 - Insert in Sleeve.

Likewise, some of our customers just prefer the bigger size to the C6 size above or it could be that there just needs to be a little more information required from the guests and the larger card suits better.

Take your time. I'm just having a rest. The office work has been hectic lately

Acceptance - Perforated at base of invitation overlay

Always an option

In these instances we automatically include white or ivory 85 x 110 envelopes for returning the acceptance in. However, there are other envelopes are available to match the papers or card used with the invitation so it is just a matter of asking for this option to be included in any quotation given.

Acceptance - Bottom flap of Petal Wrap

See above listing

Acceptance - As part of a Ticket style invitation

Two options here.

As the second attachment of our ticket style invitation, it is on a perforated butt and is merely torn off and posted back. The return address is already printed on the reverse of the card.


Acceptance - Ticket style - ½ perf

Or -

we can perforate part of the insert (gift register or other information on the rest of the card.)

This part is then torn off and returned either as a small postcard style acceptance or within our good old 85 x 110 white or ivory envelopes.

Thank You Cards

They do not have to be match the invitation exactly or be flash or expensive but they do have to be . . .

No matter what, your guests have made the effort to purchase you a gift and it would be a shame to mar your celebrations by not making the same effort to drop a note of thanks to them. It may well be the jarring lasting memory they have of your wedding.

Hayfords have a selection of thank you ideas to get the juices going. Some to match invitation styles others are quite generic but all can be made in the same colours as the rest of your stationery so a thread continues through all.

C6 Single Card

C6 Single Card

These cards will match up with quite a few of our invitations. With overlays or on their own they can be made in the same colours as your the rest of your stationery items and with the same trimmings etc.

C6 Single card with folded flap

Great idea for those
sheer papers on dark backings.

The folded flap makes bows unnecessary and takes away the messy back when using pins

For Sleeve designs

To Match M2O-03

Can be either a curved top folded card
or an insert in curved top sleeve

To match M2O-99 ~ insert in sleeve

Petal Wraps

90 mm sq with rose

120 mm sq with Thank You

Smaller version of our


Standard A5 folded Card

Blue - Landscape with foil stamping

Ruby - Portrait with blind embossing

Ivory - Jigsaw graphic in background

Circle with Star Tag

Could use
Heart tag on heart shape
square on square,
whatever on whatever

120 Square for matching with square invitations

With or without inserts.