Do you manufacture on site? Yes we do. Our staff are fully trained in the various printing processes we use.

Can we have it made in other cards or papers? Yes you can. Because we make to order, all of our designs are available in any colour card or paper that is available from our paper merchants at the time.

If I have a design concept, can you work with that? Yes we can, but may well be subject to Graphic Design Fees

Can I supply my own or my Graphic Designers Artwork? Yes you can. The artwork needs to be supplied in a high resolution format and we would suggest that you or your designer contact Hayfords for their advice before finalising the artwork.

Does my order come assembled? All work that requires skill or tools will be done by Hayfords but to keep the handling and costs to a minimum, any assembly such as inserting inserts or cutting and tying ribbons we consider to be "Brides's Input" and are an extra cost.

Can I just buy envelopes from you? Yes you can but PLEASE REALISE that we do not mass produce. This way we can offer variety of size, shape and more importantly colour. We do not overprint the envelopes to suit your colours. We make from paper that is available from our paper merchants at the time. It means that we will have to set machines up to cut and glue the envelopes for each order. Do not expect mass produced prices from made to order envelopes.

I'm a Graphic Designer - can I use your invitation shapes? We are happy to work in with Graphic Designers, however, please discuss with us what you are envisaging. We have found the Design Schools slow to recognise other printing processes than digital and the Printing World has some quirks that, while looking totally fine on screen, are just not physically possible.

Does the order come with matching envelopes? All of our invitations are supplied with either white or ivory envelopes. There is an extra charge for matching envelopes (subject to paper being available). With some of our designs we make the envelopes at the same time as manufacturing the invitations so the cost is not always that much more.

Do you have set wording ideas? We have no set layout or set number of lines. We do not, however, print just whatever text you send us. We will critique your wording and make suggestions and explain why

What if I only want to get part of the order now and the rest later? You can order just the invitations and acceptances for now. We do not dispose of anything to do with your order until after your wedding date. This means that the likes of foiling plates can be used for other items ordered as your wedding approaches.

I've bought some stationery cards already, but can I use one of your printing processes? It really depends on what you are doing and what you want done. You will need to approach us separately with your design so we can advise you accordingly.

Can I have White Printing? We produce white printing the following ways.

1   Digitally printing all colours (including solids) on a white card. We just don't print anything that is going to be white and the white of the card shows thru. Therefore we cannot digitally white on a dark card.
2   Letterpress printing would be done the same way but we can print white on dark cards but there will be extra costs involved.
3   Foil Printing

Can I just order the invitations now and the rest, like the Order of Service,later? Yes you can BUT there may be additional machine set up charges. While we have a foiling plate up to foil print a motif on the invitation, we could foil print the Order of Service, Thank You card and Serviettes all at the same time. The other important point is that the Paper Manufacturers may discontinue the card in the interim and we may not be able to match up the rest of the card items, including the favour boxes.


How long does it take to process an order? We like a month to process orders and aim to dispatch you order within 10 days from your final OK of the electronic proof.

How is payment made? A 50% deposit is payable at the placement of order and before any work is carried out.

The balance is payable upon completion of the order and before dispatch.

Any remaining items ordered but not dispatched with the invitations e.g. personalised place cards, Thank You cards etc, will still be subject to a 50% deposit. This means that at the time of invitation despatch the balance of the invitation content is payable in full plus any amount that equates to 50% of the remaining part of the order.

Why do you not have prices online? As much as we would like to do that for you, our aim is to offer you something uniquely yours. Therefore all of our designs are available in any paper or card that we can obtain from our paper merchants. As well all the different printing processes are available and all have different cost factors. NO MASS PRODUCTION HERE.

Because a good portion of our orders are for beautifully textured White or Ivory card we buy set papers and cards card by the packet. This is cheaper than buying the card by the sheet - Hence price code A

To offer coloured card, there is no way we can possibly hold sufficient stock of every coloured paper and card in every range of paper and card, so we buy our coloured card by the sheet - Hence price code B

Recent years have seen metallic cards come to the fore and as beautiful as they are, they are not cheap. Some of them are just down right expensive. Again we buy these by the sheet - Hence price code C

And then the digital age. Because our textured papers and cards are not as suitable for graphics work, our digital papers and cards are again purchased by the packet and of reasonable price. Hence price code D

Because we can add so many other process to the basic invitation, the price is totally dependant on what printing processes you want to incorporate in your stationery.

We have a price sheet for each design that we can supply. This covers a lot of the options that we have been asked to do to date but there are some very clever people out there always coming up with new ideas so these are constantly being updated to incorporate new ideas. If we do supply a price sheet to you, please bear in mind that we are open to new ideas constantly.

I've received a price sheet and I have an idea that is not on it? We are open to new ideas constantly. If the price sheet does not cover an option that you have thought about, please ask and we can supply a quotation for you.