Newsletter from Hayfords

May 2009

Subject Bridal Show Winner and Important News Update
We have summarised the topics at the beginning so you can jump down to what affects or interests you.
Topics covered in this newsletter:
* Bridal Show Winner
* Serenity Cards closure
* Website Upgrade
* Save the Date Cards
* Wishing Wells
* Invitations
Bridal Show Winner
Well, who would believe it could be so difficult to find a winner who wants to win $500 worth of Made to Order Wedding Stationery from Hayfords.

This was the prize we offered at the recent Aotea Bridal Show and to date we have drawn two prize winners. In both instances, emails have bounced back and phone numbers been incorrect or so badly written we cannot decipher the correct number. So what we are going to do is offer the prize to the 351st response from this newsletter. To qualify to go into the draw you will need to have a look around our website and find the answer to the question below.

YOU MUST THEN REPLY TO THE EMAIL THAT SENT YOU TO THIS NEWSLETTER. Do not reply via our contact page or by just emailing us. We need the responses to go to an exact computer not just our general email computer. Please do that or we may miss your entry.

Conditions of entry are fairly basic as above and one entry per email recipient only please. Obviously the prize is not transferrable for cash and covers only our Made To Measure range of Stationery shown on this website. Please treat the intent of the draw with integrity. The winner of the competition will be notified by email and entry to the competition gives us permission to post the winner on our home page or such page as suits. (obviously within this website only)

The question we require an answer to is . . .

What is the design number of our elephant invitation?
Serenity Cards
It appears there may be some problems re orders for wedding stationery place with Serenity Cards. At present the Landlord of the premises leased by Serenity has locked them out. Hayfords has had a friendly relationship with the operators of Serenity Cards for many years and has endeavoured to contact them, after receiving some phone calls from anxious brides, but have had no success. Because we realise the stress this has, or is likely to put on brides, we have been in contact with the landlord and are endeavouring to work in with her and try and assist brides who have paid deposits and placed orders. To this end, if you are affected by this matter, please contact Hayfords and we will endeavour to help. Because we will have to account to officials for any work done, you must have on hand all your documentation and receipts and any proofs you may have received from Serenity for us to be able to assist.
Website Upgrade
A recent hiccup in cyberspace recently resulted in the complete deletion of some of our Website Servers Websites. Unfortunately we were one of the websites affected (again) and ended up with a wedding stationery website with no invitations on it. Always one to be innovative, Hayfords took the opportunity to upgrade and change the look of their website. As a consequence we are having to do it live so it is quite exciting to see it take shape on a daily basis.

Since our website was first created, we have added significantly to our range of products and thought we would keep you up to date with the items we have upgraded so far.

However, it is a bit of a mess at the moment but we and our Servers are endeavouring to put things right. More about this below.

Save the Date Cards
We have uploaded a selection of Magnet options for you. It is that time of the year to start booking your guests for weddings next season. Just remember you may be getting married in the popular time of the year for weddings and guests may receive other invitations. What better way to book them early.

The Save the Date card does not necessarily have to match the rest of your wedding stationery but could set the tone. e.g. our flower magnet could suggest either a flower theme or a garden wedding. A big red heart for a Valentines wedding. Our T-Shirt for a tropical wedding. Why not make it a Kiwi Black singlet for some fun for a farm wedding.

Of course the cards do not have to be magnets. They could just be a card. Hayfords have very few products that come with "this is how is comes" and it is totally up to you what graphics you may want. You may have even designed your own graphics and we have no problem with that either.
Wishing Wells
For the past couple of years or so we have been hiring out our wishing wells and these have been returned with some lovely stories. Recently one was returned and the happy couple had received in excess of $20,000.00. (just over 300 guests) They went off on Honeymoon knowing they were coming back to start house hunting. What a great bonus with property values down at the moment.

We have added these wells to the website. At the moment we have them in White and Ivory but natural is coming. Obviously only available from Hayfords for local brides but we are working on getting these through to our Agents. Taupo and surrounding area Brides, our Agent in Taupo has this service available already. You can contact her via our home page.

Just a word of warning. Any cash transactions over $10,000.00 must be reported. So if you do receive cash gifts totalling over that amount, ensure that whoever goes to bank the money takes some ID, a copy of your wedding certificate, your wedding invitation together with the gift registry card and any other proof that the wedding has taken place.

Wishing Well Envelopes
We have created a range of Wishing Well envelopes that can be enclosed with your invitations and these should be up on the website this week.

They are available in white, ivory, silver and gold.
What a marathon of a job. We have just under 100 different designs and any number of options for them. We have been taking this opportunity to upload all of the designs available, a lot of which have never made it to the website in the past. Again, we are having to do this live so are concentrating on the overview page and the main picture show before we add all the variations. Existing photos are being used in the meantime and these will be upgraded in the future so there will be a little inconsistency in that respect.

You will be able to tell if there is further information by checking the various links on the pages.

We have tried to minimise the click-thru’s for you and avoided showing a range of designs that are the same basic shape but with different graphics on. These will be shown on the "see more of this design" link. Check out design 16 and you will see how that page is going to look. Here is the link.

Happy planning from the Team at Hayfords.