Menus and Seating Plans


Menu's can come in all shapes and sizes. We have shown here a few to get you started

New Page 1
A5 Menu / Place Card 2/3 A4 Notched on backing with strut

Menu doubling as place card

DLE'S - Foiled border - on Backing - on Backing with line for guests name at top 145 Sq to go with M2O-57

Menu on back of Table Card Menu to match M2O-03

Seating Plans

As with Menu's, seating plans can come in a range of layouts. Shown below are just some we have produced for customers.

Basic A3

Guests have been listed in alphabetical order with their table number allocation beside.

Seating Plan - A2

Guests listed in table allocation. Two A3 sheets mounted on a backing - a great way to keep the colour thread of the day flowing through.

Seating Plan - A1

With colours from the rest of the stationery we have mounted panels on a large A1 card. Bride and Grooms names and wedding date at the top. Bridal table next down and then the tables with guests names. Tables have been named rather than numbered and in this instance are years that are of importance to the Bride and Groom.

Seating Plan including Order of Events

This style is extremely popular with weddings where the ceremony and reception are at the same venue. There are so many probables with weddings these days that guests are totally in the dark as to the format anymore. It is your responsibility, as hosts, to ensure that they are aware of the events of the day so they are in the right place at the right time

Seating Plan with Table Layout

Here we have outlined the tables with the layout as per the reception venue and guests names have been printed in position.

Following through from the invitation design we have kept the type font the same and added the Gerbera design on the tables.

Seating Plan - Layout

Have seen the photos of this wedding and this table layout was stunning to say the least. Guests names were printed in their allocated position and the logo from the stationery and a welcome message to the guests added to the centre area. The Order of Events or any other special information could have been printed just as easy.

Also shown is the Menu in the same design as the invitation and favour box with yummy chocolate truffles. Logo and message repeated on top.