Order of Service/Events


Order of Service / Order of Events

With more and more options available for weddings, the traditional sequence of events is almost gone. Consequently, your guests may well need to know just what is going to happen during the day and what is expected of them as guests.

Often the ceremony and reception take place at the same venue and there is this gap in between that is always a grey area for guests. Have they got time to take in local sightseeing options? Have they time to go and visit grandma who could not make it? Is there entertainment or refreshments being offered and if so where? All these little matters become quite important on the day. It is really still your responsibility, as host, to keep them informed.

This can be handled several ways. Below are just a few variations showing what some of our brides have done.

Version 1 - Foiled initials Version 1 - Blind embossed border

Version 1
to match M2O-042
Version 1
with thermographed detail
Version 3
Tapa background
Version 3
Blind embossed Silver Fern
Version 2 - 0pen to match design M2O-021 M2O-03 Style DLE Style
Version 5 - 3 Sections Version 4 - open

Version 4

Version 2 Closed

Version 3 Order of Events Folder - open

This folder matched the invitation design (M2O-02) and was handed out to the guests as they arrived.

Entertainment and amusements made this Garden Party style wedding a fun and enjoyable day.

If children are present then amusements can be arranged for them and parents given a welcome break for refreshments and diversion from interrupting proceedures, but people need to know these facts.

Combined Seating Plan and Order of Events

Displayed by the entrance to the venue, it is a handy reference point for your guests to keep up with the days proceedings. They have a chance to plan their time as well, as they know their options.

So many relatives catch up with - so little time!

Family portrait - must be at front garden.

Harpist playing - that's in the smaller lounge