Finishing Touches

Your chance to make your stationery just that little bit different

Christmas Tree

Measures 60mm x 60mm and can be cut in whatever card required. For Christmas weddings these can be added on to the front on invitations or favour boxes and decorated.

We also run these periodically, so sometimes have them on hand but it is only what we have at the time. Obviously towards christmas we run more and often run the obvious white, red and green.

Always have white in stock. These are handy for decorating gift boxes as well.


Teamed with other decorations - feathers are always a bit of fun.

Glued on to the front of invitation sleeves, they can continue on through all the other stationery including the favour box for a lovely burst of colour at the table setting.

Flowers added on

These flowers are available in several different colours and two sizes. Shown is the larger size. Teamed with a bow they can be quite effective decorations on your stationery.

Hearts - Assorted

Heart shaped card with other heart adornments glued on as well.

Can be used together or on their own. Or use them on various items and have that whole heart thing going on.

We often have the cardboard hearts on hand at times in various colours but if we are doing your stationery then obviously we will cut the right colours to match.

Hearts on a Cord

Available only in gold and silver, they make a nice alternative to a tassel.

Glitter Hearts

Heart Cut out - 99

Heart Cut out - Mini

Koru Cut out

Leaves - Skeleton

Paua Added on

Stars - Mini

Tags added on