Favour Bags and Boxes

All of Hayfords Favour Boxes, bar the odd exception, are

Please Note: All the boxes shown below are available in a wide range of colours and options. Not just as shown

With manufacturing on site, comes the advantage of being able to have the box made in the same material as the rest of your stationery.

Three Options are available to you:

Plain: Boxes are cut and glued as necessary and supplied

Spot Printed: Printed or Foil stamped with the bride and grooms names and the wedding date and sometimes a short message

Personalised: Personalising can be directly on to the box prior to gluing, giving a total professional look to every little detail. Some of the darker colours represent a challenge but in this instance we have a variety of name tags that can be personalised and tied or glued to the boxes. Or the boxes could be personalised by yourself or a Calligrapher, with a thickened ink pen. In some cases a white photography pencil can be used to great effect.

2007 Revamp

We have started the revamp since the introduction of new software and we appreciate your patience while this is carried out. We will place the new and ravamped boxes and bags at the top as we go so the list will be out of order slightly for a while. Do scroll down further for possible other options in smaller sizes.

The revamping will now include prices for the boxes so hopefully that we be of greater assitance to you when making choices.

40x40x40mm Flip Lid Cube Favour Box

The Truffle Box supreme! One of our most popular boxes. Holds most of the truffles made by the local chocolate makers and is just a good size for the table.

Available in any coloured card we can get, there is a million and one things you can do with this box. We can even cut hearts or stars out from the side panels. A thank you message from the bride and groom or even the guests names. A good all round versatile box.

Will hold several small chocolates or one yummy big truffle.

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Simply Plain with impact colourOr White with colour in the bow Or foiled printed with names and dale

45x45x45 Petal Top Box (measurements exclude top petal area)

A touch of class here. Love this box.

The foiled petals can match in with your colours and we can even print on the surrounding panels. e.g. entwined initials or logo. Has been used as place card with guests names printed on the front and a thank you verse from the Bride and Groom on the back panel.

Will hold several small chocolates or a single truffle.

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Combined with a
Frangapani Petal Wrap Invitation
to carry the theme through

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Guests names and messageWith contrasting petalsWith same colour petals

60x50x63 Noodle Box

OK we give in. Everyone has been asking if we can do other than the plain white boxes so we are making our own. This means we can do whatever with it so have a look at some ideas we have come up with.

Like all of our boxes, they are available in any coloured card we can get. Because we are making them ourselves we can print them before we make them so patterns are not a problems.

Will hold several small chocolates or one yummy big truffle.

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Noodle Box Plain

Or with Mobif of choice

Covered with a pattern

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Plain with a ribbonYour choice of motifor printed with a pattern

Still, it doesn't mean we don't have the standard noodle boxes

60x65x45mm Noodle Boxes

With or without handles, these boxes are a load of fun.

We can even supply wooden chopsticks with the Bride and Grooms names and the wedding date foiled stamped on.

As well we can supply sleeves to match your other stationery. Then again, the sleeve for holding the chopsticks can have the guests names printed on and hey presto it's a place card.
Foil stamped with
Bride and Grooms names
and wedding date
Chopstick sleeves
plain or as place card

40 x 40 x 25mm Flip Lid Hexagonal

Step outside the square and go all hexagonal.

Decorate the top or glue deckles on the side.

Make patterns in groups in the center of the table.

Go for it.

30mm Flip Lid Cube

One of our smaller boxes, it will hold a Hershey's kiss nicely.

A neat little trick with it – four boxes will fit in the lid of our 60x60x30 Box and lid. Four different colours or two x two in a third coloured lid and you have an effective table decoration and something a little different

32x32x75mm Fan Box (Measurements exclude fan)

This box was designed to partner our Tuxedo Box

Using the colours of the bridal party and an effective seating layout, they can create a great table decoration.

Of course, like most of our boxes, they can double as a place card

35x35x35mm Flip Lid Cube with tie loop

Always a winner this box. It holds a couple of mini foil wrapped chocolates or the 5 Almonds. Even Chocolate coated Macadamia nuts (ooooh yummmm!).

The ribbon is an extra cost and just gives that wow factor. Another option as you can see is to use cord and a name tag and hey presto – place card.

Star themed box is an extra cost and available soon will be heart cut outs also.

35x35x100mm Flip Lid Pyramid Box

Teamed with our 100x100x200 Pyramid box, you have a Table Number/Name and matching place cards or favour boxes.

For a Christmas wedding they can be turned them into Christmas Trees and add a festive note to the proceedings. (includes the large box as well)

40x30x28mm Bow Box

Always a winner, this decorative little box is small enough to hold a single chocolate or 5 Almonds but large enough to do justice to the table layout.

Not all that suitable as a place card but the Bride and Grooms names can be foil stamped or printed and become a lovely keepsake from your day.

Special - Stock Discontinued

Dark Green - Pkt 50 (2) $37.50 Pkt 20 (2) $15.00

45mm Flip Lid cube

The original Truffle box, now been superseded by the 40mm cube.

However, some customers want a box that is just a bit bigger and here it is.

Just as versatile as the 40mm cube, but bigger!

45x18x62mm Mini Bag

Another of our more popular favour boxes, we have done all sorts with this box.

The guests name on the front, thank you message on the reverse OR the relationship to the bridal party - a good converstation starter. "Oh you're the cousin of the bride

Gold or Silver cord or plain organza ribbon is included

Over run special

50 x Bronze (top middle in picture) $40.00 no trimmings included

45x45x85 Flip Lid

Standing up or laying on its side, this box can take it's place among the crowd.

On its side on place card duty or standing as a decoration either works.

Suggested contents - lots of smarties. Yummmmmm! Jaffa freaks lookout.

Does it have to be confectionery?

50x30x100mm Tuxedo Box

Teamed with either our fan box or our mini purse box this box goes down with the men folk a little easier than some of our more frillier type boxes.

Some really dramatic colour combinations can be used both on the box or with the fan or purse box.

50x50x40 Box & Lid

A touch of class.
Nothing says smart like a box and lid.

All that we can do with our other boxes, we can do with this but with a ribbon and name tag or on it's own it's just stunning

At the base of this page, you will see some ideas that we have put up. One of them is the cake of trunks. We suspect this box will look quite effective put to the same use. Will keep you posted.

52 x 45 x 35 Box and Lid

This box is available in silver or Gold and as shown with bow and ribbon.

The box is of solid construction rather than die cut

55 x 55 x 22 Box and Lid

This box is available in silver or Gold and as shown with bow and ribbon.

The box is of solid construction rather than die cut

57x55x20 Sleeve / Pillow Pack - Mini

Maximum use with minimum fuss.

This easy to assemble sleeve holds just 1 or 2 little heart chocolates or 1 Paua chocolate and adds just the finishing touch without detracting from the rest of the table decorations

Doubling again as the place card or with a thank you message or just plain sitting in the middle of the place setting in it's own tasteful way.

58x35x32 Purse Box - Mini

The measurements above exclude the handle area. Handles open to reveal a small box area that can hold your favour of choice.

Teamed with our Tuxedo or indeed any of our other boxes, some exciting effects can be acheived.

60x60x30mm Box and Lid

A box with impact. As well has holding chocolates and confectionery, the odd cookie has made it's way into these boxes as well.

Lids and bases can be colour mixed and matched for an effective table decoration.

Name tags or even names printed on to the lids are possible.

Personalised ribbon is also available and is always another option. Just gives that point of difference

65x78x10 Wrap

As with some of our boxes this wrap did not start life as a favour box BUT we have found it will hold a couple of slab chocolates that can be obtained and also there is a very nice macadamia nut bar that will fit perfectly into this wrap.

Tied with ribbon for decoration or a printed or foiled motif on the lid. Even the flaps can have printing on for a small story effect as the favour unfolds.

Of course place card options but anything goes.

67x45x45 Place Card Box

Our Place Card Box. This box has been really popular.

As you can see, it is a perfect combination favour box come place card. Ribbons can be tied to it and all sorts of decorations glued on.

When personalizing, the back of the box can be printed with a thank you message at the same time for no extra cost than the personalizing.

A real winner, this box

70x25x25mm Mini Cracker

Very popular around Christmas of course but these boxes are great fun.

Can be filled with confectionery or your own set of party favours including joke, tiny gift etc.

You are only limited by your imagination.

74x75x20 Sleeve/Pillow Pack - Small

As with the mini sleeve a versatile package.

Doubling as place card or with a couple of after dinner mints you can dress this up or dress it down as you see fit.

70x50x25 Flip Lid Box

The Traditional Cake Box - this box has been used for all sorts of items other than cake

We have put Chocolates in of course but also little mini scrolls, match books, Coffee beans. All sorts of things.

See also Accessories - Cake Boxes for mailing

75x75x30 Box & Lid - Triangle

Just something a little different from the square box, these boxes can be laid flat or stood up on their base.

Have yet to come up with a way of tying a ribbon attractively around this box but have drilled two holes in the lid and tied a ribbon through as you can see.

Personalising with your guests names is still an option as is the printing of the Bride and Grooms names and the wedding date with a thank you message

75mm Flip Lid Cube

Starting to get a bit big as a favour box but just the right size for an individual cake box.

Could also be used as a weight for balloons or such. Of course filled with chockies or jaffa's or m and m's.

All personalising and spot printing options are still available

76x20x20 Flip Lid Box

Petite and special without intruding.

Holds a wrapped sweet but is brilliant as a place card without clutter

80x45x50 Trunk Box

A little less fussy than a lot of our boxes but it has many uses.

Will hold a couple of truffles but has also doubled as a cake box.

A Treasure chest of Chocolate money even.

For over-runs click here

80 x 80 x 35 Box and Lid

This box is available in silver or Gold and as shown with bow and ribbon.

The box is of solid construction rather than die cut

90x25x85mm Heart Shaped Box - Small

Takes a regular sized heart chocolate with ease.

Teamed with personalised ribbon for a little bit of extra impact.

90x55x30mm Box & Lid

Holds several truffles, bar of soap or a piece of cake nicely.

Has been a great favourite for specific confectionery items within some of our ethnic communities.

All printing options etc. still available on this box

90x62x48 Purse Box - Standard

As with the mini purse, the measurements exclude the handle area.

The handles open to reveal a box area that will hold sweets or cake or whatever you choose.

90x45x90mm Bag Box

A box with lots of potential.

A Cake Box ~ A Favour Box - A combined cake or favour box/place card. You choose.

Personalised with the guests name or spot printed or foil stamped with just the Bride and Grooms name and the wedding date. Can be decorated with shells or flowers, up to you.

For no extra charge, holes can be drilled to tie the ribbon thru’ (far easier than gluing bow on)
For some overruns on this box click here

120x40x40mm Box & Lid

Our latest addition - this box will hold four truffles (depending on size of course) but that's not to say you have to put truffles in.

Cake again would work as too would some small chocolate logs. (oooooohhh) But we are sure there are some other really fantastic ideas out there as to what else would go in. We will update you as they come.

60x45x80mm Carry Bags

Available only in quartz and anthracite paper but other colours coming soon.

Some nice gooey chocolates or even an Easter egg for an Easter wedding, sat inside a brightly coloured serviette and a bright coloured table trimming is to be had.

Or stand them all together at a separate table for the guests to help themselves and instantly a colourful corner where there was none.

85x45x160 Paper Bags

Available in a few other colours these bags are a nice inexpensive option for a maximum effect.

Trimmed with ribbon or paua or butterflies or whatever thread you may have flowing through your wedding they can be a real scene stealer.

Kete Bag

Becomming very popular with overseas couples, this icon of Kiwiana is being used in a very traditional way.

Used for carrying food, how very appropriate that it is used as a favour.

Options include - Paua or whatever attached to the front and a card with the meaning of the paua and kete tucked inside complete with guests name at the top

And here's some other ideas that might be of interest

A cake of

Trunk Boxes

Mini Purse Box & Tuxedo

Personalised for the guests

Love Table Decoration