Single Christmas Trees - 40x40x100

These are available in four different box colours. They come flat but cord and star are glued in place. Pop in your goodie and away you go.

Fabulous for a Christmas dinner, dinner party or corporate function as an individual treat. Lovely decorations to brighten up the place.

Large Christmas Tree

Measure 100 x 100 x 200mm High

A novelty gift box that is sure to catch attention. White decal Christmas tree and star have been glued to the front and a larger star at the top. They make great centrepieces for the table and there is enough space at the top for cord to come thru' for attaching to a helium balloon to float above.

Small Log Box 80 x 45 x 50mm

Big enough to hold a couple of truffles, a piece of Christmas cake or a small chocolate log. May even hold a couple of golf balls. Decorate with holly and a sprinkle of glitter and a delightful gift for someone special or a table decoration. Would be a great addition to a hamper or gift basket.

Mini Crackers 25x25x70 excluding twists

A load of fun these. Fill with yummy sweets or something 'small and expensive' and have some fun. Great as an alternative to the snapping crackers and lets you fill with just what you want. Availble in Green, Red, Silver and Gold (See Pack below)

Decoration Pack - Gift Box set

Contains 12 mini crackers and 4 35mm cubes with stars. Sitting in a white tray measureing 160mm sq and with a frosted polypropolene cover. All supplied flat but with cord for cubes.

Top of the line item but impressive.

Star Cube 35mm square

Available in gloss red card with choice of gold or silver cord.

Box will come to you flat with cord allowance

Can be used as a Christmas tree decoration or as an individual gift.

Also available in a gift pack - see below

75mm Cubes with Christmas Trees

Available in Christmas red and green with added Christmas Tree and star. These have been popular over the years for Chocolates but of course you can put in what you want.

Left as they are or tied with ribbons and trims that are perfect for within a hamper or gift basked.

See below for our gift pack

75mm Cube Gift Pack

4 in a tray measuring 160mm square. Frosted Polyproplene cover. A good shape for wrapping and sending.

Lovely gift pack for someone special. Assorted packets of chocolate or crackers, all tied up in a bow.

Box and Lid - 100 x 100 x 100

Choice of three options here.

Box is large enough to hold a myriad of items of choice. Complete with a bow and no wrapping paper is required.

Box and Lid 100 x 100 x 150

These boxes are availbel plain with a choice of silver or gold lid or foil stamped with baubles as shown. Baubles will vary as to the holographic foils that are available as we go.

The ribbon is not included here but we have a sample selection available.

Carry Box - 90x90x90

Available on in white gloss but with choice of silver or gold tree

Cracker Top Boxes

Two sizes available here

65x65x80 and 65x65x160 (excluding burst at top)

Trims are not included but are merely ideas for consideration. Why not tie a Christmas Decoration around the top and have a gift with gift.

Sauces or small bottles of "refreshments" can be added as can any number of confectionery items.

Boxes come flat but are easy to assemble. Can be all tied up and filled from the bottom if required.

Noel Pack

4 x 30mm cubes printed with NOEL and decorated with holly, all in a small tray.

A great little table decoration or addition to hamper or gift basket.

Gift Tags

7 assorted gift tags 75mm high by 50mm wide on a quartz metallic card.

Serviette Pack

5 Green and 5 red cocktail serviettes. Ideal for hampers or gift baskets.

Coaster Pack

10 soft tissue coasters with plastic backing. Again ideal for hampers or gift baskets.

Presentation Ideas.

We did this with crackers and trees for Christmas Dinner at friends last year. All filled with "ahhh" Chocolate Macadamia nuts and wrapped chocolate eclair lollies. Extremely well received and made a stunning display on the dessert table.