Font Choices


Below are just some of the font choices available. If you have a particular font you would like used, please do not hesitate ask. It we have it we will certainly use it.

Font Choices for your Wedding Stationery

We have an extensive list of plain, decorative and script fonts available.

Click here to see some of the fonts available

When placing your order you will be supplied with a sample list of fonts for your selection.

In the meantime you will see several different fonts used throughout the stationery shown on this website and all, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Cambodian and the such have been dealt with and printed by Hayfords

Hot Metal Fonts available for foil stamping

Old world technology has enabled us to minimise set up charges for foil stamping.

We have shown the script fonts we have available in this medium and these are available for foil stamping and also for Genuine Letterpress printing using lead slugs.

HOWEVER - should you want an exact font match and it is not shown as an option, we can always have foiling plates made to order.

Maximum printing sheet is A3
(2 A4 sheets side by side)